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I like my Kindle. And I like reading. And my Kindle is full of the things to read. Here comes a list of the things, which are in my virtual electronic pile of the things to read.

For each book, I have some expectations (i.e. why I took it into the list) and it is captured here.
And once I'm done with the book, I will try to put together some kind of mini-review or some key take-aways for me.

Links point to the publisher's or author's websites; I rarely buy books from Amazon (sorry, Jeff :-) )

So, what's currently on the list:

  • Eric Redmond, Jim R. Wilson: Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
    I really liked Bruce Tate's book about seven programming languages (it was actually my first e-book I own only in digital version), so I'm looking forward to get the similarly dense immersion into modern databases in this short timeframe
    Book added at 05-jan-2013, Pragmatic Bookshelf still offers 40% discount till 09-jan-2013

  • Steve Klabnik: Rust for Rubyist
    Well, no idea what Rust is and if I need it, but I guess we should learn new programming languages all the time, or at least constantly check new kids on the block, even if only on surface. So, next one for me would be Mozilla's Rust, from Ruby perspective. Not that I'm so strong rubyist. but I'm certainly more rubyist than C-wizz.
    Added 05-jan-2013

  • Max Kanat-Alexander: Code Simplicity
    Very short thing, more like essay than full-blown book. But the content promises some non-standard approach to look at the code - more scientific and principle driven. Probably good reading for Holiday Season (yes! it starts in some days!).

  • Ethan McCallun: Bad Data Handbook
    Another reading for my BigData reading list. I'm looking for some techniques how to deal with real world data, and some "checklists" for turning real world data into something usable for analytical purposes. I'm still pretty simple minded in this area, so it will be easy to delight me.

  • AWS: Amazon Elastic MapReduce Developer Guide
    I'm not sure, if I'm going to read this cover to cover (or do we have any good equivalent for "cover to cover", when talking about ebooks?), but I understood how to run Hadoop for my toy-examples and I'm considering AWS to run some larger toy-examples. But as I have no plans for productive usage of this right now, I probably do not need to get it completelly.

  • Waqar Malik, Mark Dalrymple, Scott Knaster: Learn Objective-C on the Mac
    I have certainly no plans to do any Mac or iOS development - as convinced and consistent Apple-hater I'm happy with my life without any Apple products and without any Apple-related projects. Yet, at least to be able to argue on certain level, I want to have some basic insight into programming language and basics of SDKs and I hope to find that in the book. Finally I'm pretty good to get actionable knowledge just by reading and this is exactly what's going to happen with this material...

...and some more on page 2 and 3, which have therefore hard time to make it on the top of the list and get actually read...

Reading right now

  • Scott Berkun: Mindfire - Big Ideas for Curious Minds
    I finished another Berkun's book Confessions of Public Speaker and I liked the style and content and I want more Berkun in my Kindle. This supposed to be more essays collections, so let's see what's in...

  • Eric Evans: Domain-Driven Design
    I roughly know what the topic is about, and I'm looking forward for some structured approach, close to the pattern catalogue, or something. Domain-driven decomposition is the missing piece in my architectural toolkit. Well, I have certainly some intuition, but I need vocabulary and structure. The same what I achieved with GOF book 10 years ago and one level below...


  • Barbora Calaba: Carnival of Venice
    I know author in person (for more than a decade) and I know Venice, so I'm definitely interested in her perspective on the city. I like Venice, especially some less touristic and less crowded places, but I guess there are no such places during Carnival.
    Beside the content, I'm also very interested in the process of self-publishing and how it all goes (and I'm definitely going to "survey" Calabas on it).


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