To.Code - Projects I work on evening and night

Projects I code for living are my employer's projects and they take the full credit for it. I take only paycheck. :-)

Here is a list of my private projects.

MauMau Mobile

MauMau logo

MauMau is popular card game, known in Czech as Prší (it means "It's raining" - don't ask why). I wrote app to play the game with multiple players on a single Android phone. There is "pass on" screen, so each player sees only his settings.
Game also include pretty simple-minded autoplayer mode.

In general the game is my toy-project to experiment with multiple things:

  • developing mobile app in general: this is mainly UX challenge there and I have a lot to do there, as UX is far from being optimal. You can check comments on Google Play to learn that quickly
  • learning PhoneGap/Cordova: I'm a big fan of PhoneGap and this is my main PhoneGap project, although game is not using many device capabilities for now.
  • learning Javascript development: I mean in larger scale, not a single function here and there, but full project, with objects, separation of concerns etc. Well, I'm not there yet, but working on it.

Actually game is a bit on hold now, but I'm planning for big restart, including revised UX, and perhaps move to other platforms like Windows Phone, or BlackBerry (sorry, iOS - you are not considered).

You can find the game on Google Play, or on Facebook in Czech and English. Source codes are available on GitHub.

ScrapMobi (was DvarMobi)

Every Saturday good Jews should study the Torah portion and related commentaries. I'm getting every week many of them via email, but this is not good format to read them. So I decided to develop the tool, which would scrap my favorite commentaries from various websites and put them together as e-book in ePub and Mobi formats. I could then send this Mobi file to my Kindle and read it there.

Beside that, I'm trying to learn Ruby on the project and also employ some principles I learned from David Copeland's book.

While working on this, I realized the general potential of process of scraping web pages and bundling them together as ePub or Mobi file. So, I turn my list of commentaries into configuration file and renamed project from DvarMobi to ScrapMobi. You can find the source code in Github


Parser for ABAP to generate Java code, or better say WAR file, which can be deployed to cloud environment, primarily for SAP Netweaver Cloud environment. Parser itself is written in Ruby, and so far it supports only very simple ABAP programs.

Main goals for project is to support copy-and-paste migration of ABAP programs from SAP on-premise systems into cloud, and also smooth integration into these on-premise systems (thanks to the compatible programming paradigm).

Source code can be found on Github

You can find more directly on github