Let's start blogging...

I used to have a blog, but I never wrote that much there...

But I have a solid plan to change that. As starting point, I made this blogging system for me now. It is based on Drupal 7 (first time I try this) and on theme Premium Responsive. So it should be responsive beside the other things.

What are the things I'm trying to get better now and thus might be a good topics to write about:

  • I still do a lot of SAP and ABAP
  • I often do some mobile development, especially Android and Phonegap
  • I'm getting deeper and deeper to the e-book stuff and mainly ePUB construction
  • I'm starting to be curios about all that BigData thing
  • and yes, Node.JS and end-to-end Javascript solution is on my list of the things to try

A lot of things, but I need to find a time to write about it -- and that's going to be a challenge. So, cross your fingers and stay tuned.