Building The Site

I decided to rewamp my private website as it was slowly outdating.

However, doing so right now I'm learning many things in parallel:

  • first time I do Drupal 7 website; I do have some experience with Drupal 6, but it seems all way too different here (all the time searching for the things in menus, not finding what I'm looking for).
    Maybe you noticed for instance syndication, which doesn't work yet. Or URL rewriting...
  • also first time I use Markdown markup; one of key decisions to move to Drupal from Blogger (I used before) was ability to show the code snippets. Blogger's way too smart formatting was killing all my code examples, so I gave up. In Drupal, I knew I can take another format than HTML or Wysiwyg, which will be friendly to the coding examples. After playing for a while with Markdown, Textile and Texy, I ended up with Markdown, as it seems to work best (in Drupal's context).
  • last but not least, content is also not for free; I need to fill these obligatory pages about me, my social connections and my projects, but also I need to feed this blog regularly.

All together, a lot of stuff to do (beside all the other things I do so far). So bear with me and be patient, but demanding...