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There are many ways how to share something about me.

Perhaps single link to the site with symptomatic name can make it: about.me.
But let's try also some more descriptive approach...

About Me in Pictures

Husband Father of Three

Ester, Jachym and Jonatan

Coding at Innojam 2012 in Madrid, alone at 3am
Picture comes from official video Battle of Coding
Living in Prague

Hundred towers of Prague

About Me in Words

I've seen the computer for the first time in early 80's. It was big IBM machine, used to run factory in my hometown. My primary school has a kind of friendship with factory (during communism, it was somehow mandatory for primary school to maintain friendship with nearby factory), so some of us was allowed to visit IT department of factory to see this almighty miracle of technology. It looked more like hospital, with everybody dressed white, with strict air-conditioning, and silent environment.

Fast forward: For next 10 years, I always was around computers and I always used them to program them. I had ZX Spectrum at home, I have seen Ataris and Commodores in my friend's home. In school we have funny machines called IQ151 and PMD. And finally, first PCs started to show up. Yet, most of the time, I have seen myself as mathematician, preferring math over computers in all decision points during my studies.