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REST URIs with Semantics

The URIs for REST services should be opaque (they say...). It basically means client should not guess the proper URI string, but it should always get there step-by-step from the starting end-point.

For example, you start with and you get the response:

On MapReduce, Java and patterns

Some thoughts after reading "MapReduce Design Patterns" book

Many years ago I read GoF book on design patterns, and I really liked it a lot, as it showed me many things I invented some months or even years ago (and thus I knew them already), but GoF book gave them names, and provided me with acknoledgment that my inventions are reasonable. - From these days, I like pattern-based approach to the development...

Turning into Command-Line, Turning into Ruby

review of Build Awesome Command-Line Applications with Ruby from David Copeland

I've thrown away Windows XP from my netbook and install Lubuntu Linux on it. I can elaborate another time about why I did so, but important part of the move was "return to command-line". Partly it is the normal way of working if you are on Linux (and it doesn't matter if you have to, or if it is just because of productivity increase), partly I was impressed by rise of new tools, which take the form of mighty command-line suites (starting with git, and going on with heroku, jitsu etc.).

Kindle Publishing in Three Simple Steps

Sometimes I search for something really simple, but I takes me time to figure it out. And once I find out, I'm really happy. Maybe this recipe is too simple minded, but maybe not: it might be I'm just an average solution-seeker, and there is a host of people, who are looking exactly for the same thing. That's a reason why I want to share it here. Today about how to create mobi file out of your own content.

Let's start blogging...

I used to have a blog, but I never wrote that much there...

But I have a solid plan to change that. As starting point, I made this blogging system for me now. It is based on Drupal 7 (first time I try this) and on theme Premium Responsive. So it should be responsive beside the other things.

What are the things I'm trying to get better now and thus might be a good topics to write about: